12 Tips On How To Dress Like Italian Women

12 Tips On How To Dress Like Italian Women

Italian women style has become popular in the world thanks to its traditions and culture related to the way of styling and looking. Here many famous brands such as Gucci, Armani, Dolce&Gabbana were born. Traditionally, Italian women do care for their way of styling and looking too. I would describe our way of looking as easygoing yet elegant and smart. We want to feel comfortable in what we are wearing, yet everything has to match everything. This means simplicity in our appearance, but elaborated choices behind it.

Here are some Italian-style tips you can follow and add to your everyday looks too.

1. Think Matching Over Adding

Here the rule is ‘keep it as simple as you can’. Never add accessories and other stuff to look fancy and stylish. On the opposite, do care for the way your clothes match each other, that’s the basic.

2. Accessories Are The Key

Always add sunglasses, earings, bracelets, rings and necklaces to your style. They are those finishings that will tell people who you are. Don’t mix them up and never wear all of them at the same time! If you’re wearing visible earings, don’t wear a necklace, it would look ‘too much’! Choose one of them and match them together.

3. Always Have A Manicure

Hands are our business card. Taking good care of our hands say to people we take good care of our body too. Italian women would not wear too dark nail polishes, but natural or red tones. We also feel some nail polish colours are good to wear in summer and others in winter. For example, we would wear orange nail polish for summer and would leave burgundy for the winter.

4. Wear A Natural Yet Visibile Makeup

We would take care of three things here: light and matte foundation, mascara and lipstick. These three are the main things that would help you look natural. You could add a brown eyeshadow to define the eye.

5. Neat And Simple Hairstyle

Italian women weekly (possibly more) have their hair done, combed and tidy. If they haven’t been to the hairdresser recently, you will tell from a ponytail. They tend to tie their hair up if their hair is not tidy and neat enough.

6. Your Handbag Is Your Best Friend

A woman would never leave her home without her handbag. An Italian woman would never choose a crossbody bag, that’s more tourist fashioned. She would definitely wear a shopping bag for her everyday look, big enough to carry with her some make-up accessories, some drugs, and more you can image.

7. Choose Knee-Length Skirts And Dresses

If you want to look like an Italian woman, never expose too much of your legs.

8. Match Shoes And Handbag Colour

This is one of the first things an Italian girl learns while growing up. When you first start styling yourself, you learn that on many occasions the colour of your handbag needs to match the colour of your shoes. And this is what people will expect from you too!

9. High Heels Are Not A Good Company

Our style is refined yet easygoing. This is why we tend to use comfortable shoes without giving up to heels. I said heels, not high heels! We leave high heels for special events and wear comfortable heels for our everyday style.

10. Mind Your Clothes Quality

Italian women care for their quality clothes. We would rather go for a shirt that is well made and doesn’t fall apart after a few wears than choosing a trendy one which won’t last.

11. Keep A Low Profile With Simplicity

When we style ourselves, the keyword we keep in our mind is ‘simple’. Italian women would love to be noticeable for their style and way of wearing clothes, not for the colour of their lipstick or their floral print pants.

12. Never Expose Too Much Flesh

Italian women would never expose their body too much. We would rather wear a t-shirt than a sleevless top. Mind your neckline too! We can be modest at times and would wear low neckline only on special events!

I just gave you some tips to style yourself like Italian women. If you want to find out tips about how to behave like an Italian, you can click here to read the post. Don’t forget to send your pics before going out and I’ll tell you if you were good at following this guide. ๐Ÿค—


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